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In an ideal world, your life would be one big vacation. Unfortunately for us (for now), we have to schedule the time that we spend relaxing to be in balance with the time that we spend dedicated to our work, families, and friends. If things are feeling a little out of balance, then let this be your official permission slip to tend to your own needs-- even if it’s just for a minute. Here are a few different tips on how to escape for a few hours without going anywhere!

Have a wander.

I know, you know your neighbourhood like the back of your hand. But I’m willing to bet that you haven’t truly explored it. Set your mind to adventure mode! Bring a book into the cafe that you always walk past because your hands are too full of groceries. Pop into the European deli that you’ve never been inside of (because you’re not European) and try something! Take a different route to the drycleaner-- spend some time really observing the shops you pass and peek your head into the ones that pique your interest most.

Do that tourist thing.

We often don’t get a chance to experience our own tourist traps. You could say that we often avoid them like the plague! But some of these attractions are actually quite fun. Clear a couple of hours so you don’t have to worry about navigating crowds and let yourself experience what your town has to offer with a great big open heart.

After work.

Your city has shows. Music, dance, theater. You can go to them. You should go to them! Yes, even after work. Yes, even if it goes late. One night out won’t ruin you!

Ask around.

The next time you’re out for dinner, ask your server (or the cool-looking strangers at the bar next to you) what they would do with their family if they had them in town for the weekend. You may discover an entire scene that you haven’t have been exposed to yet-- or at the very least find out about a nice little bakery.

Bug a hotel.

They don’t call it the hospitality industry for nothing. Even if you’re not a guest of a hotel, they are generally more than happy to assist with information (and deals!) on local special events. Or, ask them if they have room deals for locals who need a mini break-- hotels love to do nice stuff in exchange for good reviews.
No matter where you are, you deserve a moment for yourself. How do you appreciate and celebrate where you are in life-- physically and mentally? Let us know in the comments below!
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