If you ask us, there’s nothing wrong with tourist traps. They’re popular for a reason, and a quick photo with one will let people know what you’ve been up to, no explanation necessary. But if you want your vacation photos to be as unique as you are, you’re going to have to get creative.

Make it part of the background:

Say there’s a certain statue that you’d like to have your photo taken with. Instead of standing beside it like an awkward prom date, try moving further up. Keep the statue in the background of the shot and do something unrelated-- show off a fantastic cup of coffee or give your travel companion a smooch. Let the focal point be you and the fun you’re having instead of the statue. Besides, candid shots are always more flattering. The statue will thank you.


Let somebody else pose:

Place something meaningful in front of that famous fountain (or hold the item into frame) and let it be the model. Choose whatever you like! You could always go the old travelling gnome route, or you could take your breakfast for a walk each morning to show it a good time before you munch it down. Just make sure your muse isn’t expensive or irreplaceable, in case someone swipes it-- especially in the case of food!

Tell a story:

Recite a phrase, or tell a story one word at a time. Stand next to that world-renowned painting and use a flashcard (or sign language!) to say the first word at the museum, the second at the restaurant, the third in front of the theater, and so on, until you’ve got your message across. “Wish you were here-- to pay!”

Avoid it altogether:

Nevermind what everybody else is doing. Choose your own adventure! Select a colour to represent the trip and make sure it’s included in every shot. Take a photo of every bird you see. Take a photo at the same time every day. Don’t worry about how many likes it gets, just have fun and do what makes you happy.



What’s your favourite vacation photo ever? What made it special to you? My favourite was of me, standing in front of a photo of the Chrysler the basement of Macy’s Herald Square. The lighting was flattering, the concept was unique, and, most importantly, it makes me smile whenever I look at it!


Kutula Kiss

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