It’s time to break out the crop tops-- festival season is officially upon us! Attending a fest is an experience like none other, and if you’re like us, you’re going to want to look as liberated and powerful as you feel. The atmosphere of the event will probably have you feeling pretty carefree, but there are a few things to consider when it comes to balancing style with practicality.

You’re stuck in that outfit for the rest of the day.

Consider what you’ll need to accomplish: sitting on the lawn for snack time, securing your spot in a busy crowd, maneuvering inside of a portable toilet. Are you going to be fighting with your fashion all day? Consider the weather: it’s changeable. Are you properly protected from the sun or wind? Consider your poor little feet: beauty is not pain. Will your clothing choices allow proper movement all day long, or is that waistband going to cut you in half by noon?

You have an opportunity to try something new!

Festivals are an excellent environment to experiment with new looks. Try a style you’ve been curious about and see how it makes you feel! Maybe it’s time to add something bold to your wardrobe, like a fringy floral kimono, or a hat with a brim wider than the equator. Or maybe you'd prefer something more subtle (but still fabulous), like some laurels in your hair, or a fool-proof piece of jewellery like our Luxuria Choker.

Be You.

Nothing is better than the comfort of being yourself! That being said, if your self likes to wear 15 pounds of sequins, then there’s nothing better than the discomfort of being yourself. Simply put: do what you like, and don’t do what you don’t like. It doesn’t matter what your friend or anyone else is wearing-- if you don’t feel right wearing a romper, let it romp off so you can wear something that you love.

Whatever you’re wearing, we hope you feel fantastic. If you’d like a chance to feel even more fantastic by winning a pair of our Calm Palm Earrings, check out our Instagram for details on how to enter our #kutulacoachellacontest!


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