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These is nothing more magical than traveling the world and surfing amazing waves. Once you get bitten by the surfing bug, there is no going back. They say eating an oyster is like kissing the ocean on the lips. So what is surfing? Well it’s more like making friends with a mountain lion and going on an adventure with your ferocious feline friend through the mountains in search of a pot of gold. Magical, dangerous and exhilirating. Women’s surfing has never been hotter, with the big name female surfers getting (almost) as much attention as their male counterparts. Our favs right now?? Read on…..

Coco Ho
Not only does Coco have the coolest name ever, but she is the epitome of a she boss. She crushes huge waves and has been dominating the professional circuit for the last few years. She recently did a naked surfing photoshoot for Sports Illustrated that is spectacular to say the least, and her hair surfer waves at it’s best.

Alana Blanchard
Alana is so gorgeous, it’s hard to believe she’s not just a model. She models as well, and is the face of Billabong. Alana grew up on Kauai and is better known as the girl whose arm wasn’t bitten off during the shark attack that nabbed Bethany Hamilton, thus creating the most amazing one arm surfer in the world.

Bethany Hamilton
No list of she boss surfers would be complete without Bethany Hamilton. As mentioned above, she has one arm, yet can still paddle out into crazy 15 foot swell and win competitions no problemo.  We were lucky enough to see her surfing in Hawaii, and lets just say she didn’t leave many waves for her male counterparts.


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