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Here at Kutula we have a deep passion for great style and ethical fashion-- and when those roads meet, we get pretty excited. We believe in making thoughtful choices whenever possible, and we're extremely proud of the jewelry that we create with our artisans in Colombia. We take great care to curate collections that appeal to different tastes (because we want to provide something for everyone), so here's a quick little guide that will get you pointed in your own personal style direction!


I like to keep things simple, but I also want to feel special.

Prefer to keep it casual? Then we recommend you check out DENIM CRUSH to start. Simple patterns and muted earth-tones are as easy and neutral to wear as your favorite pair of jeans.



So long as it's colorful, I'm down!

Sounds like you're willing to try something new (maybe even a few times a day!) Shop our FESTIVAL collection for daring patterns in all the colors of the rainbow.


I like to be pretty neutral, but appreciate a complimentary pop of color!

Need a bit of visual stimulation? Head over to the HIPPIE CHIC collection for tans, textiles, and turquoise. This collection features relatively understated patterns and classic color pops.



Black is powerful, versatile, and matches everything-- especially more black. Looks like it's BOHO LUX for you, you magical, mysterious thing!



I need to look sleek and sophisticated so everybody knows who's in charge.

You're the boss! GOLDIE ROCKS is our black and gold glam collection, full of powerful pieces that let the world know to stay out of your dang way.


If it's a classic, it's for me.

Stay golden with our tried, tested, and timeless JUST GOLDEN collection. These pieces look good on everyone, with everything.


I like to look chic and elegant, but I need an edgy element here and there.

Tender yet tenacious? Sweet meets spirited in our DESERT ROSE collection. With its irresistible pink hues and bold patterns, it's tough and feminine, just like you.


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