There is no truer test of friendship than spending a week in the same place with the same people. With mutual respect and care (and underlying compatibility, of course), trips with friends can be fun, relaxing, transformative experiences that beg to be made annual traditions. Colombia, anyone?


Open the Lines of Communication Immediately

Before you even leave your house, encourage your friends to let you know right away if you’re doing something that they don’t like. We might not realize that we’ve been humming the same song for three hours straight unless somebody points it out to us. Not that it helps get it out of your head. Havana ooh na na…

Stay Fed

Sometimes you’re so busy having fun that you forget to eat, and you’re suddenly not yourself anymore. Bite into a snack instead of your friend’s head. Keep something light and portable in your bag-- nuts, dried fruit, a granola bar, something, anything to take the edge off and prevent hagner from happening.


Compromise, Not Sacrifice

If you’re really into hikes, your friend is really into shopping, and her partner is really into galleries, make sure there’s time for all of you to have your moment. Once you’ve had your way, give someone else a turn. We can’t always get what we want, but there’s a happy middle the rest of the time if you look for it.


Don’t Do It If You Don’t Wanna

Sometimes it’s simply better to say no. If you don’t want to do something, don’t do it. Your friends will understand-- and they’d rather see you happy on the ground than crying suspended from a zipline anyway! Hopefully.

You Do You

If you need to start your day with a coffee but your friends aren’t up yet, go get that coffee without them. If you need a workout in the afternoon to feel tired enough to sleep at night, go get your sweat on while they read by the pool. Only you know what you have to do to feel like all is right in the world. Take care of yourself!


Now that you know how to make happy memories while you’re off adventuring with your squad, check out our blog on creative ways to take unique holiday photos.

How have you avoided friendship disasters abroad? We’d love to hear from you!



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