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 Wanderlust woman by the sea wearing the Land's End bag by Kutula KissPlease excuse our absence, we’ve been wrapped up with getting our new capsule collection all quality checked, photographed, and prepped for its grand debut. We feel like a bunch of moms watching their kids go off to prom! Proud, but also wondering how it’s possible for time to go by so quickly. We feel so lucky to be where we are. Sometimes it's hard to believe this is all real! 


Inspiration everywhere!

Many of our new pieces were inspired by experiences we had on our trip to Colombia. Whether it’s mountains, mosaics, meals, or music, the beauty of the world is an invigorating thing when you stop to appreciate it!


Kutula Kiss beaded bracelet flatlay

Introducing Salsa, So Square, and Striker (to name a few)!


From dream to delivery…

But what do you do with that inspiration? How do you take something from an idea and turn it into something tangible? That’s the hard part, but also the simplest: get started! Start at the beginning, and then send it on to the next step. The only way to get to the top of a ladder is by climbing onto that first rung. Speaking of ladders...


Trust the team.

Having a good support system is so important! Whether it’s collaborating on designs with our Artisans, booking our favorite photographer, or having our graphic designer do last minute website tweaks, when you surround yourself with people who share your dream, everything has a way of coming together.


Woman modeling bracelets by Kutula Kiss

The Crossed Off bracelet is already seeing a lot of love!


Did you know?

Kutula was founded in 2012, but it took us 3 solid years of refining and curating before we perfected our core collections. Still, everything needs a refresh from time to time-- that’s why you might notice subtle updates to our existing styles every now and then. These tweaks may happen for any number of reasons: changing tastes, access to better quality materials, or a sudden stroke of inspiration from our Artisans.


What are you dreaming of? What's the first step you could take towards it? Be brave and go for it, beautiful! You'll never know where this life can take you until you start moving, and we think everybody deserves to feel as accomplished as we do right now. Check out our new goodies by following this link, and let us know your favorites in the comments!


Kutula Kiss

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  • Posted on by Hannah Prystay

    For the record, my faves are Wingy Gold, Peace Out Camo, and Double Crossed. But I’ll obviously take them all~

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