How to Look Like a Seasoned Vet While Travelling

You know those ladies that seem to glide through airports, with their reasonable sized bags, all coffee and relaxation? You know the types- the ones with the enviable travel outfit, and an effervescent plume of roses emitting from their well moisturized hands? Even when the airplane is as dry as a garage floor, their skin looks radiant? Most people when they travel, especially flying, have a hard time not looking like something the cat dragged in. Sallow, dry skin, wrinkly clothes, smudged makeup applied under sub-par lighting. So how do you become one of the travel style DOs?

1.) Stick with solid, classic colors in pieces you know SUIT you and can hold up to a day of travel without getting wrinkly:
Stretch jeans are a fabulous invention-they’ll look just as incredible 8 hours later when you stumble off your flight, are as comfortable as leggings and way more polished. We love high waisted moto style stretchy jeans, they’ll make you legs look hella long, and there is no fear of your underwear poking out. Pair them with a soft, deep scooped neck jersey tshirt for a no-fuss look that will still look phenomenal after being scrunched into a tiny airplane seat all day (or night).
2.) Before you fly, exfoliate head to toe, then moisturize head to toe.
It may seem too time consuming, but an extra 5 minutes in your routine will help prevent that tight, dry feeling that your skin gets when you’re sitting in a pressurized sardine can of an airplane. Use a heavy, unscented or lightly scented moisturizer, and dab a little extra eye cream on to help fight the dark circles. Take advantage of all the testers in duty free- especially the expensive oils and serums that you can massage into your face pre-flight.
3.) Drink enough water to make the stewardesses annoyed with you.
If you stick to the 1 small plastic cup every 2 hours rations that you are given, you will be dehydrated and your organs nearly pickled. Pack your own water, and lean back on that bottle! Avoid too much coffee, you won’t be able to nap even if you need to, so stick to one cup in the morning before a flight, then switch to water. Avoid chips, pretzels, and salted nuts- opt for unsalted trail mix, fruit, plain oatmeal, and salads for food that won’t make your face or belly puffy and bloated. You’ll thank us when you arrive.
4.) Accessorize
A big, beautiful, soft scarf. Classy, flattering earrings. Your favorite necklace. All of these pieces will beautifully dress up a simple jeans and sweater combination, and take virtually no effort. Choose comfortable and clean leather ankle boots, or sandals. Runners can look chic, just make sure you nail the whole Kendall Jenner nikes and all black minimalistic look. If you miss the mark with runners, you’ll look more under slept party girl than chic international model. A fine line, of course.
5.) Rosewater and lipgloss.
We have spoken of our love for rosewater, while you are flying it is your absolute best friend. Spritz it on your face, neck and hair for an immediate all natural pick-me-up. Cleopatra apparantly used to bathe in rosewater, so choose the toner fit for an Egyptian queen. Lipgloss is great for travelling because you don’t need a mirror to apply, and it will instantly transform your look. A shiny gloss is a super youthful look, and when you’re running low on sleep it gives your face the perfect pick-me-up.
Thanks for reading our blog on how to fly like a seasoned vet!


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