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how to wear animal print bracelet

Animal print isn't going anywhere. And why should it? We've been wearing animal print since the 18th century to look and feel powerful, unique, and chic-- but how do we wear animal print in 2019? Certainly not in cape form. (Unless...?) Every few years these patterns get a boost in popularity, so if you haven't figured out how to wear animal print yet, it's time that you learned.


How to wear animal print:

Baby steps, babygirl. If wearing animal print scares you, we recommend that you start small. A giraffe print scarf, some zebra striped shoes, or a leopard print bracelet, for example. Incorporating a small piece into your wardrobe will help you feel adventurous, without feeling like you're going on safari. But that's totally a look, too.


Flirt with it.

how to wear animal print casual

If you want to wear animal print without letting it become the focal part of your outfit, just take the leap and throw it in the mix. It's like a band-aid, but with fashion. A little bit of animal print will give an unexpected twist to your average jeans-and-tshirt look in a way that nobody will question. Well. Maybe they'll question where you got your great leopard print bracelet-- but they sure as heck won't question why you're rocking it.


Play with it.

how to wear animal print

If you want to have a bit of fun with your animal print experiment, try styling your outfit around the piece. Airy linen pieces or matte crepes will give you an elegant, confident vibe that will compliment the seriously powerful tone of the animal print. Harmonizing your look with the print will help you feel like all the attention you're getting is thanks to your charm-- not your outfit's.


Go with it.

how to wear animal print dressy

Or you could always outdress the crap out of it. Channel every single spark of confidence, grace, and in-your-face charisma that you feel when you think of animal print. Become the animal print. Own your space like the animal you're repping. What bracelet? All we see is a shining beacon of raw power! This look features a turban headband from I'm With the Band Headbands, and shiny metallic sandals from Malvados-- two seriously stunning brands that we can't help but respect.


Animal print is going to be all over 2019, so we hope you're ready for it! There's really nothing quite like leopard print to make a person feel like they're in charge. Well, maybe a corner office would do the trick. Especially if it had leopard print wallpaper! Don't worry, though. If wearing animal print isn't for you, you're still a total badass-- because there's nothing cooler than a person who knows what they want.


Show us how you style animal print! Comment below or tag us on Instagram!


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