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Sometimes it can be difficult to leave the kitchen sink at home. You love the way your long satin jacket makes you feel like a movie star when you walk, but what if you’d rather feel like a superhero in your floral bomber? How do you choose a favourite crepe blouse when they’re all so beautiful in their own special way? It’s like choosing a favorite child. Still, you only need to lose your checked bag once to realize how easy it is to get by on less. Now you just have to plan it that way from the start!

I like to plan my travel outfits ahead of time so I can focus on having fun while I’m away. It also gives me an excuse to daydream about my trip! If you’re a visual person (or you have some time to kill between meetings), you might enjoy doodling a packing guide of your most treasured basics next to a list of the activities that you’re dying to do while you’re away. Seeing all your choices laid out on paper is a gratifying way to envision how you’ll mix and match your clothes to suit the needs of any given day.



You can infuse your basics with whatever mood you’re feeling by simply swapping out accessories. Easy to pack space-savers such as sunglasses, hats, jewelry, and makeup can transform a look from carefree surfer babe to captivating lady boss by lending a pop of colour or a change of silhouette.

Some delicately sculpted sunglasses with pair of high-waisted shorts and a button-up blouse might make you feel quite at home reading on the patio of a chic cafe. When the evening comes and the venue changes to a vibrant live music club, you could quickly slip a pair of our Calm Palm Earrings out of your purse, knot the ends of your blouse into a crop, and be ready to dance until your feet fall off.



With the simple addition of an immaculate layer of lipstick and some stylish statement earrings, a long dress and wide-brim hat can take you from the beach in the morning to shopping the high streets in the afternoon. Then maybe back to the beach for a rest? You’ve had a big day!

Accessories have the added advantage of being an incredibly low commitment. Take advantage of being abroad and try something new. Experiment with your look by introducing something fresh into your arsenal. You just might feel fabulous!


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