You might think you need a bag as big as IKEA’s to pack for a beach day but when you go spontaneously and often, you’ll find all you really need is the right accessories to go from beach to the street with ease – and more importantly STYLE.


Here are 9 Style Secrets for going from Beach to Street – without having to pack a bag! Hint: it’s all about the accessories!


1- Always rock an Arm Party.

An arm party is a stack of bracelets on one arm or both – more is always better right?! Stacks of bracelets instantly add a boho vibe to any outfit. Jeans and a baggy T-shirt can make you look like you had to run to the pharmacy last minute, but with arm candy like this you’ll look like you’re walking straight out of Woodstock.  When creating your arm party, don’t be afraid to mix metals and colors, the more colors you use, the more outfits you can match with and the better the party.


2- The perfect purse.

To match your beach outfit all you need is a small and simple purse that fits your PKW (phone, keys, wallet). What more do you need? We suggest something to match the boho look you have going, thin straps, brown or tan leather – or even better – beaded and handmade.


3- Exotic earrings.

Step-up your outfit game with exotic beaded earrings. Something that dangles and pops will draw attention to your eyes, face, and neck the same way makeup or neckwear does. Earrings go great with head wraps too!


4- Get away with a Bikini as a top.

If you have the perfect bikini top you can get away with wearing it out and still look really put together. The trick to finding the right bikini top. Here are some pointers:

  • You want a top that dries easily so you’re not freezing at the bar.

  • A top that doesn’t fall off in the surf usually provides more coverage, something you’ll want when you’re suddenly surrounded by fully clothed people.

  • Choose a bikini top that’s comfortable and looks cute with anything, we suggest a bold solid color that compliments your sarong.


5- Sarong.

The most needed item when you go to the beach is a sarong, you can lay on it as a blanket, dry off with it as a towel and wear it as a key-item afterwards. There are over a hundred ways of transforming your sarong to achieve a different wardrobe function.

  • As a head wrap. You’ll look like a mysterious palm-reading gypsy. The pop of color on your head will really bring out your glowy sun tanned cheeks.

  • As a jacket or top. Perfect if you’re wearing your bikini as a top and you’ll be warm.

  • As a skirt. High waisted skirts with a long slit is a timeless summer look, plus you can go commando. Spend a little extra time making the fold at your waist and the knot look nice and clean so there’s something polished to your surfer girl look, this also works perfectly when you’re wearing your bikini as a top.


6- Strappy Sandals

Photo: Malvados

Don’t reach for your flip-flops! Flip-flops tend to look way too casual, which is fine when you’re taking out the trash. A strappy sandal is comfortable and beach-appropriate yet just one step from actual heels- why not have your cake and eat it too?


7- Coconut Oil.

Pack a small jar or roll-on that fits in your cute purse. Coconut oil is a natural sunblock of SPF 4 leaving you 75% protected from UV rays for 45 minutes. Coconut oil can also be used to treat a sunburn, moisturize and add shine to your hair, and keep you smelling fresh. Plus, who doesn’t want to enhance their natural glow with some oil when going out after a day on the beach?


8- Beach Hair, don’t care.

Classic beach hairstyles include some up, some down so you can still show off your beachy hair, or a drastic side part with most of your hair to one side. If you have straight or wavy hair, saltwater will really bring out volume and curls, especially if you wrap your hair in a messy bun with until it’s almost dry then shake it out. Curly hair looks best after the beach with a little bit of coconut oil to tame the frizz and drying while loose, the more wild the better. If your hair just does not look good after the beach, try our headwrap idea.

9- Mascara

Your suntan will look like a full face if you have bold dramatic eyelashes. Glowing cheeks, moisturized lips, and eyes that pop is all a face needs.

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