The sun can be a formidable foe. This time of year, if you’re not careful, the sun’s harmful rays can wreck havoc with your skin, your hair, and your clothing. If you’ve ever had a bad sunburn, you’ll understand why we believe so strongly that you must protect yourself from the sun. Below we’ve compiled our sun safety tips – ideas so useful, your skin will thank us!

Avoid the beach between 10 and 2pm so you look more tan, less lobster

1.) Stay out of the sun between 10am and 2pm
You can still get a sunburn and damage your skin outside of that window, but it won’t happen nearly as quickly. Avoid the beach, running, gardening and really any outdoor activity between those hours. Concentrate on indoor work, napping and chillin’ instead. Save the outdoor adventures for after 2pm when the UV index is a little lower!

Shades will protect your peepers

2.) Sunglasses
So chic, so important. Nothing makes you look like an off duty movie star like a sick pair of shades. Sunglasses will protect the delicate skin around your eyes and your peepers from being blasted by intense sun rays. Obviously, the bigger, the better. Or the bigger, the more famous you’ll look! So don’t be shy, pick a steller shape that screams ‘I’m fabulous!’

3.) Coconut oil
There’s no surprise that our prescription for sun safety is coconut oil. We use this stuff for everything. But, in a pinch, it has a mild SPF, and is a great oil to put in your hair to keep it from getting over bleached and tangled from a day on the beach. Slather it on to your feet and hands to protect them from getting cracked and dry while chillin’ in the sun at the beach.

4.) Hydrate
Yes, it’s obvious. Of course water is good for you when it’s hot out, but that doesn’t stop the majority of people from letting themselves get dehydrated. Lean back on a big glass of water before you go anywhere, as soon as you get home, and take a bottle with you wherever you go. When in doubt, have another glass. Your skin, hair and mental acuity will thank you.

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