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Do you ever get stressed out before you travel, because you cannot decide what to pack?  It can be daunting, trying to plan 14 stylish outfits for a vacay that are also comfortable, versatile and all mix n match together!  Especially if you don’t know what exactly you are going to be doing on your vacation.  Cafe hopping in Paris will require very different attire than soaking up sun in the French Riviera.  Follow our packing tips and you’ll look stylish, and fit in with the locals!

1.) Do your research. Find out what is in style where you are going.  The Caribbean is known for it’s bright colors and risqué styles, so if you wear flowing linen pants and wedges (a look that would be lovely in Madrid) everyone will think you are in your pyjamas. Tourists stand out, and standing out makes you a target.  So embrace tight n bright, if that’s where you’re headed!  Parisians love their black, so you can’t go wrong with chic black separates and sunglasses that make you look like a bug, topped off with some va-va-voom lipstick. Search local fashion bloggers in the area where you are going to find out what you need to pack to look like a local.
2.) Make sure you pack the right undergarments.  Nothing will throw a wrench into your style plans like forgetting to pack the right bra.  Support and comfort is key while travelling, so make sure you make a great nude, seamless bra, and one that is a little more racy.  A nice strappy black bra can be a statement piece with a low backed dress.

Bohemian patterns and a stack of bonze Kutula Kiss bracelets

3.) Pick a theme.  And stick with it.  Whether your theme is ‘classic neutrals with bold accessories,’ or ‘denim and solids,’ if you have a clear theme, it will be easy to mix n match pieces. Our personal favourite is ‘bright bohemian prints with versatile neutrals.’
4.) Keep it simple.  Don’t stress too much about packing the *perfect* evening dress.  We all look our sexiest when we are comfortable and confident, so don’t underestimate the power of your favorite slinky tank with a pair of comfortable jeans. And certainly, don’t panic pack.  The worst time to throw a pair of heels in your bag is when you are on your way out the door. It’s travel stress, you don’t need them. Put them back.
5.) Save space on toiletries. Liquids are already a nightmare to travel with.  Share space by buying travel sized bottles, and downsizing a complicated beauty regime.  If you’re travelling with your man, only pack one set of sunscreen, toothpaste, shampoo etc.
Enjoy your trip!
Kutula Kiss

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