Travel Destinations We Are Dreaming Of

Dreaming of far off lands is pretty much our full time job. Remembering gorgeous cities we have explored, and the amazing outfits we wore while traveling is enough to keep us going through our work week slog. Recently, there have been a number of places that are so dreamy, we find ourselves lost in our heads, imagining exactly how the air would smell and how the food would taste. So, without further ado, the travel destinations we are absolutely salivating over right now!

Mykonos- turquoise seas and beautiful white buildings

Mykonos, Greece sounds like a mythological place where the Greek gods sipped red wine and dined on fresh olives and delicious seafood delicacies. In reality, it is gorgeous white washed walls and turquoise seas nestled in the Meditteranean with a year round pleasant climate. The Greeks dress more conservatively that Americans, so leave the booty baring jeans shorts at home. Opt instead for stunning maxi and midi dresses in colors that will POP against the beautiful architecture, and were meant to sip wine in!

Reykavik, Iceland

Reykavik is the capital of Iceland, and is renowned for it’s stunning quaint vibe and unmatched landscape. Rolling green hills, beautiful buildings and not too big to explore entirely on foot. We recommend going in winter if you like snow- this city absolutely stuns with a blanket of fresh icing sugar snow on the buildings. Spring time is great too- the surrounding areas all open up for great hiking, biking and canoeing. What to pack? Make sure you check the weather, it can be very cold in the winter in which case we recommend an oversized shearling coat, several cashmere sweaters and boots that you can fit two pairs of wool socks inside of.

Medellin, Colombia

Formerly the epicenter of Colombia’s drug cartel, Medellin has gone through a resurgence in the last 2 decades. Now considered a safe city, Medellin is home to a blossoming Colombian fashion industry. Medellin is inland, nestled in the mountains, and has a temperate climate that makes it a great destination year round. What to wear? Well the Colombian ladies are not afraid to show some skin, and adore adorning themselves in bright colors, tassles, feathers and high heels. We say build your Columbian wardrobe around bright statement pieces, great leather shoes, and exposed shoulders with lots of jewelry! Look no further that our Festival Collection, they are exactly the pieces that will let you blend in with the locals.


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