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Our Artisans

 Kutula Kiss ignites hope for our artisans in Colombia with every bracelet sold. 

Our artisans now have a dependable income that allows them to take care of their families and dream big. 



Our Team

Our artisans in Colombia consist of women that work from their homes allowing them to raise their children and care for their parents. Many of these women live in small towns and are the wives of farmers. The women are earning a fair wage, giving them the ability to fulfill many of their personal and family dreams, while continuing a tradition that has been passed down for many generations. 
 "My lifestyle has changed. There is little employment opportunity in our district, but thanks to the manufacturer of these bracelets, my family economy has improved so much. I am very grateful and hope to continue working with you for a long time."
"Working for Kutula Kiss is a great help because unfortunately I'm unable to work anywhere else. By making bracelets, I have the opportunity to work from home and look after my parents and my son."
"It's been a positive change for me. I don't depend on my husband as much. With the money I earn, I pay for my personal needs and my children's too, without having to ask my husband for money anymore." 

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